ArtByte 3rd Anniversary & Future Development Plan

Our first 3 years

ArtByte is 3 years old today, launched on May 1st 2014. We are excited about our growth and acceptance by the art community. In the first three years thousands of artists have been supported with gifts or tips from our Twitter App, which allows fans to tip any artist anywhere in the world, with ArtByte digital currency.

Musicians are taking advantage of the chance to sell their music on our music download site, which allows fans around the world to buy music without a bank account or credit card, paying with ArtByte. Musicians pay nothing to join, never incur any fees and receive 100% of the sales proceeds. ArtByte Music Store will soon start accepting Bitcoin as well.

Our community has truly become a global community of artists and art fans. For example, just last week support or tips were given to a Greek photographer, an Iranian actress, a Turkish dancer, a Scottish actor, an American musician, an Australian dancer, a Peruvian actor, a Chinese musician, a Brazilian writer, just to name a few.

The price of ArtByte, as a digital currency continues to increase, rewarding our miners, investors and traders. ArtByte hit a new high USD valuation in late April and continues to attract investors in the cryptocurrency arena. ArtByte trades on four exchanges in the US, the Netherlands, and Russia, and now trades against the Euro.


Development plan for this upcoming year

Lite wallet - With over 3 years of transactions stored in our current Windows, MAC, and Linux wallets, the download takes several hours. So to make it easier and faster for our new users, we are developing a wallet that only stores recent transactions. Of course all transactions are still available in our full wallet for those who want them. And of course, the Lite wallet will continue to include our built-in pool mining.

Improved iPhone wallet - A simpler wallet, designed purely in an app format for ease of use. Like our current Android wallet, this wallet is a simple, clean, fast app geared to mobile users.

Advanced wallet for power users - This wallet is made for traders/investors and will include direct links to all exchanges where ArtByte is traded, links to tools such as our blockchain explorer, news via Bitcointalk, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and of course, our built-in pool mining.

ArtByte Music Store will accept Bitcoins, as well as ArtByte - There are currently no music download sites accepting Bitcoin. ArtByte Music Store is the only site currently accepting digital currency (ArtBytes) for music downloads. So we are adding the ability to accept Bitcoin payments as well as ArtByte.
Our music site will use an API that converts any Bitcoin purchases to ArtBytes, which will be deposited in the musicians ArtByte wallet. The addition of BTC payments will provide an additional service to musicians as well as introducing Bitcoiners to ArtByte.

ArtByte Gallery - The gallery will be a mobile device app unlike anything available today.  Artists will be able to add media showing their work. For example, a painter or sculptor can show a picture of their work, a musician can upload a video or audio file, a dancer can show a video of a recent performance, an actor can post a video clip or their reel, a writer can include the cover and a few pages of their work. All types of artists, around the world can showcase their work. To make it easy for fans to support artists, the Gallery app will include an ArtByte wallet for the user. Also each artist's post will link to the artist's ArtByte wallet. So with just one click, any fan will be able to tip any artist directly from the mobile app.


Join us today

Have you joined the revolution? Join us, support the arts, tip your favorite artists, buy, sell, or trade ArtBytes, point your miners to one of the many ArtByte mining pools.

It is easy to get started, just go to our main site: and click on the areas that  interest you.

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