Artist Benefits

Our mission

ArtByte is revolutionizing how artists are supported, in the same way that Bitcoin is revolutionizing financial payments.

Through the technology of digital currencies and our social platform, ArtByte enables any fan, anywhere in the world, to support any artist, instantly.

We support all types of artists: musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, film makers, directors, editors, producers, dancers, writers, photographers, designers, models, production team, etc.

So what does this mean for artists? How does ArtByte help?

ArtByte integrates the technology of digital currencies on our social platforms to support artists via five channels:

  1. Digital tips and donations from fans via ArtByte social media tipping applications
  2. Promotion of artists’ works through ArtByte’s social media art community
  3. Grants and awards from the ArtByte Foundation
  4. Sale of art for ArtBytes, such as on our music download site, the ArtByte Music Store and the ArtByte Gallery Profiles
  5. Income from mining ArtBytes

Artists and art fans can receive ArtBytes several ways:

Fans can tip artists they like . Artists can sell their work for ArtByte. Artists and fans can earn ArtBytes by participating in our community forum. Learn More

Gain more exposure through ArtByte’s social media and forum:

  • The ArtByte Foundation posts, shares, tweets, retweets about participating artists on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest.
  • Artists can showcase their work (for free) on the Artist Profiles and gain new fans.
  • When an artist has a new project or gig, they can post about it in the forum, in the New Project section, and it will be promoted on our social media.
  • Musicians are featured on the ArtByte Music Store and can see their work for ArtBytes.
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