How Does ArtByte Benefit Artists?

ArtByte was created to help artists gain support from fans all over the world, through the technology of digital tokens.​

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How Does It Work?

ArtByte is a person to person digital currency. With artbytes, art lovers can now support their favorite artists directly.​

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Support your favorite artists
with ArtByte

Send a tip to your favorite artists with Twitter

Now you can tip artbytes to any artist with a twitter account, any where in the world.

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Buy Music with ArtBytes

Visit the ArtByte music site, purchase & download songs & albums, and pay with ArtBytes

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Get some ArtBytes!

You can buy ArtBytes with a credit card, euros, or bitcoin. And you can create (mine) them.

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What Can You Do With ArtBytes?

Use them to attend concerts, shows, performances by other artists
Spend them for food, drinks, movie tickets, metro cards, and much more
Need cash – exchange them for US Dollars
Support your favorite artists by giving ArtBytes when you see something you like
Invest – buy, sell, and trade them, like any other currency

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