ArtByte is the future in artist’s pay

Art lovers can now support any artist, anywhere in the world

Musicians, actors, film makers, directors, editors, producers, dancers, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, designers, models, production team, all kinds of artists.

Using the emerging technology of digital currencies, ArtByte is the person to person way to support artists.

ArtByte Is A Revolution in the Art and Cryptocurrency World

Made to Support Artists

ArtByte was setup to help artists get paid for their hard work, get more publicity for their work, and gain more fans. By allowing fans to tip artists using ArtBytes, the artist gets free promotion, financial support, and much more!

Supported by The ArtByte Foundation

Our mission is to support artists in the building of their careers. There is never any cost to artists or art lovers for our services. The services are paid for by the ArtByte Foundation.

Massive Social Media Community

Our active social media community continues to grow at over 150,000 followers. Our community consists of artists, art lovers, bitcoin enthusiasts, and active cryptocurrency users.

ArtByte Online Music Store

Artists can sell their music online through the ArtByte music store. Website visitors can buy and download music from their favorite artists using ArtBytes or Bitcoins (coming soon).

Worldwide Usage

ArtBytes are traded, mined, and given to supports artists around the world. We are building a global community to support artists with Cryptocurrency!

Tipping App

The revolutionary tipping app allows users to easily support artists on social media. Users can tip ArtBytes on Twitter and Reddit, giving directly to the artist they love! The artist can then use the ArtBytes to tip others, or move them to their own wallet.

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How Does ArtByte Benefit Artists?

ArtByte was created to help artists gain support from fans all over the world, through the technology of digital tokens.​

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How Does It Work?

ArtByte is a person to person digital currency. With artbytes, art lovers can now support their favorite artists directly.​

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ArtByte launched May 1, 2014 First digital currency to support artists of all kinds (musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, film makers, directors, editors, producers, dancers, writers, photographers, designers, models, production team, etc). Technically advanced, fast & secure, combining features from Litecoin, Peercoin & Dash.
May 2014
Infrastructure upgrades & tipping ArtByte’s core wallets (online, MAC, Win, Android), social media, forums, mining pool, seed servers, continue to be upgraded & expanded to meet worldwide demand. Twitter and Reddit tipping apps released.
March 2015
Expanded promotion & Regulatory compliance ArtByte Music Store opened, accepting ArtBytes for music downloads. Social media event promotion expands on FB, Twitter, Reddit, and the ArtByte forum. Regulatory Compliance program audits implemented.
January 2016
New promotions, SegWit & top investment return Tipping platforms on Twitter & Reddit expanded to reward both artists & art fans as well. Weekly ArtByte Showcase started. Forum participation bonus rewards implemented. SegWit enabled, making ArtByte one of an elite few using SegWit to enable the Lightning network, atomic swaps, and smart contracts. Annual investment in ArtByte beats Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum combined.
March 2017
Profile Pages, music sales & SegWit features added. Free profile pages for artists, allowing tips & sales of work for ArtBytes. ArtByte Music Store accepting both ArtByte & Bitcoin for music downloads. Atomic swaps and Lightning network payment channels deployed. Smart contracts enabled to pay various music rights holders on the ArtByte Music Store
January 2018
Patron system, property rights & VR Patron system for long term artist support added to profiles. Smart contracts enabled on all Artist Profiles. Blockchain tracking intellectual property rights for artists implemented. 3D Virtual Reality ArtByte Gallery opens.
February 2019


How It Works

ArtByte (formerly AppleByte) is a person to person digital currency. With artbytes, art lovers can now support their favorite artists directly. When a fan sees an artist’s work they appreciate, instead of just liking or faving them, fans can give them ArtBytes (which can then be converted to cash, used at restaurants, concerts, movies, theaters, etc).

Just like at your bank, your account balance and transactions are stored on a server. But, as a digital currency, ArtByte’s account data resides on a peer-to-peer (computer-to-computer) network that consists of all the computers logged into the network. These computer “nodes” are paid with ArtBytes for contributing their computer power to the network. This process is called mining.

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