What does the name AppleByte or AppleByteMe mean?

Applebyte is the name of the digital currency.

There is an old saying about artists in NYC (where AppleByte was founded):

"Come to New York and take a bite out of the Big Apple"

It refers to artists trying to make it in the biggest, most competitive art market in the world, NYC. So we support artists trying to "take a bite of the Big Apple" whether that means, NYC, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo - any city in the world.


AppleByteMe is the name of the website: http://AppleByte.me

It came about when a local NYC artist coined the phrase, "If you love me, AppleByte me!"

And it means that to really support an artist - favs, likes and retweets are nice, but a tip or donation of AppleBytes provides more than just an expression of appreciation, it is real financial support.


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