AppleByte funded 500+ artists in 2014, help us support thousands in 2015!

AppleByte is currently in Phase II of our fundraising to raise $1,000,000 to support thousands of artists in 2015.

The funds will be used primarily for advertising, staff, and upgrades to infrastructure.

We successfully completed Phase I in 2014, which proved our concept and developed the initial infrastructure for it all to work.

Here is what we accomplished in Phase I
  • The AppleByte Infrastructure and digital currency has been developed, tested and proven successful worldwide.
  • Over 500 artists have received awards, donations & tips of AppleBytes from the foundation and art lovers worldwide.
  • The foundation gives artists many places to redeem AppleBytes, including gift cards from Amazon, American Express, Visa, AMC Theaters, music downloads, restaurants and many others.
  • We have a dedicated social media community of 35,000+ artists & art lovers who discusses, supports and promotes artists around the world.
  • An app for tipping artists, allows fans to send tips & donations instantly to any artist, anywhere via their Twitter account.
  • A music download site that pays musicians 100% of the sales proceeds, (free to list, no fees ever), is now the highest paying music download site for musicians.
  • A wallet app that runs on MAC, Windows, and Android allows artists and fans to earn AppleBytes on their own, simply running in the background on their computer.
  • We have an established, experienced team of developers from the US, UK, Germany and Finland.
  • You can learn more about these features at

Please consider joining in our Phase II campaign so we can support thousands of artists in 2015!

Here is the link to our Indiegogo Campaign:

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