AppleByte Tipping Quick Start Plan

ArtByte (Formerly AppleByte) Tipping Quick Start Plan

You will be tipping your favorite artists in 5 minutes!


You will setup your Personal ArtByte (Formerly AppleByte) wallet and get some ArtByte. Then setup your Twitter Tipping wallet, transfer ArtBytes to it and learn how to tip.


Get your personal ArtByte wallet & wallet address (if you don’t already have one)

  1. Sign up for an online AppleByte wallet at
  2. Find you wallet address by clicking on the Receive Tab (upper left). Copy the address.


Deposit AppleBytes in your “Tipping wallet”

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account and tweet: “@ArtistGift deposit”
  2. In a few minutes you will receive a response showing your Tipping wallet address.
  3. Login to your Personal wallet at
  4. Click the Send Tab (upper left)
  5. Copy the address of your Tipping wallet (received in response to your tweet) and paste it in the “send to” field
  6. Enter the amount of applebytes you want to sent to your tipping wallet in the “Amount” field & click send.
  7. In 10-15 mins or less you can see your Tipping wallet balance by tweeting “@ArtistGift balance”


Begin tipping your favorite artists!

Just follow the instructions and examples at in the Start Tipping Section.


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