ArtByte Roadmap – Second Quarter Update

ArtByte Roadmap – Year 4 

May 1, 2017 – May 1 2018



  • Building the Art World community
  • User enhancements to simplify wallets/mining/trading
  • SegWit and 0.13.1 deployment
  • Free profile pages for artists allowing them to receive tips and sell their work for ArtBytes
  • 3D Virtual Reality Art Gallery
  • Lightning network, payment channels
  • Smart contracts to pay various music rights holders on the ArtByte Music Store
  • Blockchain tracking intellectual property rights for artists
  • Patron system for long term artist support



1st Quarter: May, June, July

User Experience Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)


  • Increase Social Media Staff by four
    • Completed – LM, DS, SA, OS




  • Launch weekly ArtByte Artist Showcase – weekly winner paid an award in ArtBytes plus featured throughout ArtByte social media
    • Completed/Ongoing -



  • Gain additional trading liquidity, by adding crypto exchanges outside the US

Current exchanges:

  • (USA)Bittrex:
  • (Europe)
  • (Russia) Yobit:
  • (NewZealand)Cryptopia:




Technical Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

Music Site Enhancements



  • Upgrade ArtByte blockchain to Bitcoin 0.13.1
    • Completed
  • SegWit now enabled on blockchain
    • Completed



2nd Quarter: Aug, Set, Oct

User Experience Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • Recode and launch streamlined Reddit tipping App - Completed
    • Non-technical users find the tipping command format difficult, this will be simplified.
    • Reduce reply text to make tips more acceptable on art related subreddits


  • Launch Fall Reddit tipping award event - Completed


  • Launch Fall Twitter tipping event - Completed


Technical Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • Rollout Bitcoin 0.13.1 to live blockchain - Completed


  • Deploy SegWit on live blockchain - Completed


  • Release “Lite” wallet solution to streamline new user wallet syncing. With over 3 years of transactions stored in our current Windows, MAC, and Linux wallets, the download takes several hours.



3rd Quarter: Nov, Dec, Jan

User Experience Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • ArtByte Music Store to accept Bitcoins, as well as ArtByte
    • There are currently no music download sites accepting Bitcoin. ArtByte Music Store is the only site currently accepting digital currency (ArtBytes) for music downloads. An API will convert Bitcoin purchases to ArtBytes, which will be deposited in the musicians ArtByte wallet.
    • The addition of BTC payments will provide an additional service to musicians as well as introducing Bitcoiners to ArtByte.


  • Increase trading liquidity in Asia, adding crypto exchanges in the region
    • Asia is now one of the fastest growing regions in terms of ArtByte users. Exchanges in Asia are needed to service these users.


Technical Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • Upgrade existing online wallet to progressive web app, which will allow the wallet to work seamlessly as an mobile APP, without requiring an app down
  • Release Android and IOS wallets as a progressive web apps, designed purely in an app format for ease of use.


ArtByte Gallery – Phase One – Progressive Web App

  • In phase one, the ArtByte Gallery will be aweb app allowing artists of all types to showcase their work in free profiles, receive tips and ultimately to sell their work. For example, a painter or sculptor can show a picture of their work, a musician can upload a video or audio file, a dancer can show a video of a recent performance, an actor can post a video clip or their reel, a writer can include the cover and a few pages of their work.


4th Quarter: Feb, Mar, Apr

ArtByte Gallery – Phase Two – Progressive Web App

  • Integrate user and artist wallets into the ArtByte Gallery
    • Users browsing the gallery can tip or purchase work using a single click




Years 5 & 6

May 1, 2017 – May 1 2019



ArtByte Gallery – Phase Three – Virtual Reality

  • The ArtByte Gallery will offer a 3D Virtual Reality experience (both on the desktop and mobile)
    • Allows users to “walk” through various artist’s spaces.
    • Users can support and tip the artists they like and artists can sell their work for ArtBytes, all with the simplicity of one click.


User Experience Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • Upgrade ArtByte Forum to full social media network functionality
    • Add friends, sharing, chat and group functionality to the ArtByte Forum.



Technical Improvements (Artists, Art Fans, Blockchain Investors)

  • Upgrade the ArtByte Music Store to use payment channels
    • Using the ability gained when the ArtByte Blockchain enabled SegWit, deploy payment channels (smart contracts) like the Lightning Network, to pay various music rights holders (band members, song writers, agents, etc.)


  • Upgrade ArtByte blockchain to maintain intellectual property rights for artists
    • Utilize the immutable characteristics of the blockchain to protect the intellectual property rights and provenance of all types of artist’s works (visual artists, digital artists, musicians, writers, etc.)


ArtByte Gallery – Phase four

  • Add “patron” functionality to the ArtByte Gallery
    • Fans will be able to sponsor artists with monthly donations of ArtBytes (similar to Patreon accepting cash donations).
    • Fans will be able to sponsor artists any where on the globe
    • Patrons will gain access to the artists and new works before the general public has access.


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