Artists, tip another artist and get double support yourself.

Artists, tip another artist and receive double tips yourself!

Summer is coming and it's time to fund our creative projects, during AppleByte's double support campaign!


How it works

When you, as an artist or art lover tip an artist on Twitter, the AppleByte Foundation will tip you double the amount.

For example, if you tip another artist 1000 AppleBytes, the foundation will give you 2000!

You can tip as many artists as you like, up to 1000 AppleBytes per artist.


Need some AppleByte's to get started?

We will also give you 2000 AppleBytes to get started!

Just tweet the following tweet to @AppleByteMe to get started:



Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.44.10 AM


Once you have some AppleBytes, go here to learn how to tip:


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