ArtByte Summer Artist Festival

Artists & fans, tip another artist and receive double tips yourself!

Support your favorite artists and earn for yourself, during ArtByte's Summer Artist Festival!

How it works

When you, as an artist or fan tip an artist on Twitter, the ArtByte Foundation will tip you double the amount (up to 50).

For example, if you tip another artist 50 ArtBytes, the foundation will give you 100!

You can tip as many artists as you like during the summer (up to 5 per day). You can tip any amount you like, we will reimburse the 1st 50 and double it (up to 50 bonus) Only one tip per artist.


Need some ArtByte's to get started?

We will also give you 50 ArtBytes to get started!

Just tweet the following tweet to @ArtByteMe to get started:

Example: (Note, be sure to type the whole link: "" not just "" in your tweet)



Once you have some ArtBytes, go here to learn how to tip:

And your tipping tweets will be like this example:



Artists of all kinds (musicians, actors, painters, dancers, sculptors, film makers, directors, photographers, etc) can receive tips, but must have a link to their website (for verification) for the fan giving the tip to receive double back.

You can only tip each artist once, and the double back bonus is limited to five tips per day. So if you tip more than five times a day, you will only get double back on the first five tipped each day.

To join the event, your twitter account must be at least 90 days old, have a minimum of 25 tweets, and have a picture in the account icon.

The reimbursed tip amount and the bonus amount will change from time to time based on the price of ArtByte. 


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