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Free Artist Showcase Entry

If You Are An Artist, Submit Your Work to Our Showcase Free!


If you are an artist, submit your work to our showcase and have a chance to be our weekly winner! Every week, the ArtByte Foundation will showcase an artist’s work – All types of artists are eligible: painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, directors, film makers, photographers, models, production team members, etc.

Weekly Winning Artist Receives 5,000 ArtByte
No Cost to Artists, Always Free!


Why Enter My Work to the Free ArtByte Showcase?

Winning Artists Chosen Weekly

Each week, the ArtByte foundation will pick an artist to receive 5000 ArtByte for winning the showcase.

Free Worldwide Exposure

ArtByte has a worldwide following with over 79,000 Facebook followers, 25,000 Twitter follows, and usage around the world!

It Is ALWAYS Free!

The ArtByte showcase for artists is completely free. You have to qualify as an artist, and you have to complete a few steps, but you will never pay anything.

Example Artist Submission:

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps:

Click Here To Complete Step #1 – Create Account on Our Artist Forum

Create an account on the ArtByte forum (click create account on the top right of page, fill out the form and respond to your confirmation email)

Click Here to Complete Step #3 – Copy Your Wallet Address

Login to your online wallet and copy your wallet receive address (click “Receive” at the top of the page, then copy your address)


Click Here to Complete Step #4 – Submit Your Work

Post about your work in the appropriate artist section (start a new topic about you and your work). Include a description of your work, link, and your ArtByte wallet address (pics/vids encouraged).


Example topic, in the photographer section: JM Cabanis – Fashion Photographer

Rules & Fine Print:

Weekly submissions begin on Thursday midnight GMT and end midnight the following Friday.
No purchase necessary to enter.
All steps must be completed to be eligible.
Only one entry per artist.

The amount of ArtByte awarded to the winner will vary each week and be announced at the beginning of each week.

Winners will be announced each Saturday.

New to ArtByte? Check out our main site:

Learn More About ArtByte Digital Currency:

Made to Support Artists

ArtByte is a digital currency, or Cryptocurrency that was setup to help a variety of artists easily get paid for their work, get more fans, and get worldwide publicity. We have setup a community that allows fans to easily tip artists using ArtBytes – this way the artist gets free promotion, supported financially, online exposure, and much more!

Supported by The ArtByte Foundation

Our organization’s goal is to help artists build their careers. Artists never have to pay any costs to be a part of this, and their fans do not pay for the services either. The services are paid for by The ArtByte Foundation, so everyone can enjoy them for free.

Massive Social Media Community

We have an active social media community that continues to grow everyday at over 25,000 Twitter followers and over 79,000 Facebook followers. Our online community is made up of artists, art lovers, bitcoin enthusiasts, and active cryptocurrency investors and traders from around the world.

ArtByte Online Music Store

It is easy for Artists to start selling their music online through the ArtByte music store. Anyone can come to this website and buy then download music from their favorite artists using ArtBytes or Bitcoins (coming soon).

Worldwide Usage

ArtBytes are mined, traded,  and given to supports artists around the entire world. We are excited to be a part of building a global community to support artists with Cryptocurrency!

ArtByte Tipping App

We have created a revolutionary tipping app that allows users to quickly and easily support artists on social media platforms. Any user can tip in ArtByte digital currency through Twitter, giving support directly to the artist they love! The artist can then use the ArtBytes to tip others, or move them to their own wallet.


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What is The ArtByte Artist Showcase?

The ArtByte Artist Showcase was created by the ArtByte Foundation to help support artists worldwide! Winning artist are chosen weekly to receive 5,000 ArtBytes (see official rules listed earlier on this page for all rules). Artists of all kinds can submit their work to our website to display it to the world – it is a great way for artist to get free promotion online. Post your videos, music, designs, paintings, stories, photos, scripts, books, and more to our artist community. Artists can also setup an ArtByte digital wallet and list their digital wallet address so that their fans have the option to tip them in digital currency for their work. This gives anyone the opportunity to support an artist they like from anywhere in the world. For example, if you want to tip a painter in Italy, simply send it to their ArtByte digital currency wallet! Our goal is to help artists get paid more for their hard work and put their work on display for the world to appreciate.


What is An ArtByte?

ArtByte is a digital currency, or Cryptocurrency that was created to support artists and help them get paid for their hard work, get more free publicity for their work online, and gain more fans worldwide. This new digital currency also makes it easy for art lovers to support any artist in the world from anywhere. For example, if you see a painting, see a film, or hear a song from an artist you love, you can immediately send them an ArtByte tip through our app or directly to them through the internet. There is never any cost to the artist.


Does It Cost Money to Enter My Work Into The ArtByte Artist Showcase?

No, artists can enter their work for free. They do have to setup an account and an ArtByte wallet (both always free.) As long as you complete the 4 easy steps listed earlier on this page, you are eligible to win.


How Can I Win The ArtByte Artist Showcase?

All 4 steps must be completed to be eligible to win, only 1 entry is allowed per artist. Winners are chosen weekly by the ArtByte Foundation and no purchase is necessary. It is as easy as that. Even if you don’t win, your artwork stays on display on our artist community for free.


Is My Information Safe?

Yes, we only share what you choose to share with us in your submission. We are happy to show your art, you can list your own portfolio, and you can post info for your website, but we will never share other information about you that you did not post.


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