Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital currencies?

Digital currencies are a new way to make electronic payments to anyone in the world. The first one was Bitcoin.

​Since Bitcoin, many specialized digital currencies have come on the scene, like Dogecoin, used for tipping on internet posts, Auroracoin for the country of Iceland, or Mazacoin, the new official currency of the Lakota Indian tribe. And now there is ArtByte (formerly AppleByte), to support the artists of the world.

I support the arts! How do I get some ArtBytes to give away?

You can create (mine) them with our free wallet App. Go here to learn how. Learn About Mining

You can buy them with a credit card from the ArtByte Foundation

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You can trade Bitcoins for ArtBytes (formerly AppleByte) on these two exchanges: Exchange Bittrex Exchange

How do I give ArtBytes to artists I like?

Like all digital currencies, ArtBytes (formerly AppleByte) are electronic codes, encrypted by secure keys. If the artist already has an ArtByte wallet, you can send them to their wallet address, directly from your PC, or cell phone.

You can also give them some ArtBytes on twitter, using the ArtByte Twitter Tipping App. All you need is their twitter account.

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I am an artist. How do I receive ArtBytes?

To receive ArtBytes (formerly AppleByte), you need an ArtByte wallet. You can either use the online wallet or download the wallet app for MAC, Windows, or Android. See the wallets here:

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You can find your wallet address for receiving ArtBytes, by clicking on the “Receive” Tab of the wallet.

I am an artist. Can I promote that I accept ArtBytes?

Yes, you can! Once you have your wallet address you can announce it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media. Include it on your Youtube posts, everywhere!

​Additionally, we have created the ArtBytes Foundation to give ArtBytes to deserving artists. You can apply, and if accepted, will be listed on the Foundation’s website.

I am an artist living in LA, Paris, Tokyo; can my fans give me ArtBytes?

Absolutely! Although our initial launch was in NYC, like all digital currencies, ArtBytes can be used anywhere in the world!

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