How ArtByte (formerly AppleByte) meets artist’s financial needs

How ArtByte (formerly AppleByte) meets artist’s financial needs

July 20, 2015
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ArtByte is revolutionizing how artists are supported, in the same way that Bitcoin is revolutionizing financial payments. Through the technology of digital currencies and its social platform, ArtByte enables any fan, anywhere in the world, to support any artist, instantly.

ArtByte supports all types of artists: musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, film makers, directors, editors, producers,
dancers, writers, photographers, designers, models, production team, etc.


The Age old Problem


Low pay for artists is both a historic and international problem, with cross-border transaction costs limiting worldwide support and artist’s stand-alone self-promotion efforts lacking bandwidth and expertise.


Current solutions for Artists


  • Self promotion by an artist via web and social media
  • Crowd funding of individual projects
  • Grants & awards
  • Cash tips for some types of live performing artists (i.e. musicians)
  • Artists holding second and third jobs to fund creative activity


The ArtByte Solution


ArtByte integrates the technology of digital currencies and its social platform to support artists via five channels:


  1. Digital tips and donations from fans via ArtByte social media tipping applications
  2. Promotion of artist’s works through ArtByte’s social media art community
  3. Grants and Awards from the ArtByte Foundation
  4. Income from mining (creating) ArtBytes
  5. Sale of art for ArtBytes, such as our music download site,


Advantages of supporting artists with ArtBytes vs. Cash


  • More than a social media “like” or “RT”, an ArtByte tip provides real financial support to artists
  • ArtBytes can be given by any fan anywhere in the world, to any artist anywhere in the world
  • Fans or artists do not need credit cards or bank accounts to give and/or receive ArtBytes
  • There are no governmental, corporate or regional restrictions, telling fans who they can support
  • Artists receive and can spend donations of ArtBytes almost instantly
  • There are no fees for giving artists ArtBytes, compared to credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer fees, etc.


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