Why ArtByte for the Arts, why not Bitcoin?

I am often asked why not just use Bitcoin to pay artists instead of ArtByte. In fact today some said to me, "Any coin can be used to pay artists. Why ArtByte?"

The reason ArtByte has been able to achieve real user growth is exactly because it is a niche coin. The strength of ArtByte is its social platform focused on artists, and the fact that the ArtByte Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to solving the age-old problem of low artists' pay.

I addressed this in more detail when I presented an outline of ArtByte's Strategic Plan. Below is how one slide from the presentation answered this question:


The differentiation of ArtByte as being created specifically to meet the financial needs of artists, is key to gaining acceptance in this nontechnical community.

Social media is the platform of the digital age for promotion of artistic work. In just the first year, ArtByte’s social media community size and engagement was ranked by coingecko.com to be 53% of Bitcoin’s present position.

The early stage of ArtByte, coupled with it's mining bonus for CPU miners, allows artists and fans to profitably mine from their laptop.

ArtByte is perceived by artists and many in the fintech community as a positive use of Bitcoin technology, free from past negative press.

ArtByte is designed to make sense to everyday users in every detail, and is presented free of technical jargon.

ArtByte is denominated to make sense, allowing for tips of 1000 ArtBytes vs. tips of 0.00429184 Bitcoins. 


Main site: artbyte.me

Music site: ArtByte Music Store

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